Saturday, December 16, 2017

Silver Bridge Memorial, part 1

I have lots of stuff to go through from yesterday's memorial services for the 50th anniversary of the Silver Bridge collapse. I went to the large service that morning in Point Pleasant and to a smaller one across the river that evening in Gallipolis. That meant I had to miss the small one in Point Pleasant, as it was at about the same time as the one in Gallipolis. They both were meant to begin around the time the bridge fell, at 4:48 p.m.

Here are four photos I downloaded and did quick edits on. More to come later,  probably.

Before the main ceremony,  some people gathered at the Point Pleasant River Museum and Learning Center. Here they stand near the museum's exhibit on the Silver Bridge.

This heated tent on Main Street in in Point Pleasant had nearly 500 chairs set up for people to use, and by the time things started, most of them were occupied.

Next year, a mural will be painted on the city side of the Point Pleasant floodwall depicting what it looked  like to cross the Silver Bridge. The mural will be painted at the spot where the bridge entered the city.

At Gallipolis, a table had mementos of the Silver Bridge and its  replacement,  the Silver  Memorial Bridge. Sorry for the blur. This was handheld in low light.

Again,  more later. My right index finger is starting to come down with repetitive stress injury from using the mouse so much this week