Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Towboats in the rain

This afternoon Adam and others in the Huntington High School marching band were supposed to tour the American Wind Symphony Orchestra boat tied up at the riverfront park, but it was not meant to be, as a thunderstorm moved through the area before most of the band members could show up.

But as we sat in the car, we did get to see a couple of boats go by. I like shooting towboats in the rain because the water brings out colors in the boats and barges that you don't see in dry weather.

First, we saw the D.A. Grimm coming upstream.

We moved the car to get a better angle when we saw the Donna York downbound.


It was an okay way to salvage a day, I suppose.

McGinnis christening

I've submitted my article and photos of last week's christening ceremony at the McGinnis operation at Cincinnati to the Waterways Journal. After they run, I'll post a gallery of photos.

Meanwhile, my feast or famine, my boom and bust cycle, my up and down with boat sightings has been on the down side the past few days. We never seem to be in the same neighborhood. I'll be down by the river a couple of times today. Maybe my luck will change.