Friday, October 15, 2010

Another gift for Adam

Last night, before my wife, Myra, went to work, she showed me a photo a coworker had given her to give to Adam.

When I looked at it, I saw a photo I want to take -- standing on coal barges, looking back at a boat pushing them on a river. This is an AEP boat. Her coworker, Tim Ramey, once worked in the river transportation division at AEP. Myra has told him stories of Adam's fascination (to put it mildly) with the river and towboats. Tim has given Adam several mementoes, including ball caps and a wooden plaque from 1998 celebrating the river transportation division's 25th anniversary. The plaque bears the likeness of the AEP boat Jeffrey A. Raike.

Anyway, when Myra handed the picture, he ran into the living room and showed it to me, saying this boat is now the Leonard L. Whittington. He ran back to his mother and told her the three times he and I have seen and photographed the Whitington. We shot it from the Huntington 6th Street bridge upbound ...

... downbound ...

... and as it approached the Gallipolis Locks and Dam, as Adam calls it.

"This is one of my favorite boats. I love the old Vikings," Adam told her.

At work, Myra told Tim of Adam's reaction, and Tim began telling her of various unique features of the boat. There's no doubt Adam and Tim will have to get together sometime and share stories.

Adam has a birthday next week, and I might get him one or two river-themed gifts.

Meanwhile, I will remain envious of Tim for getting this picture. I really want to ride a boat pushing loaded coal barges. I can think of about three dozen photos I'd like to get, plus work in a lot of good text about ... no, I'm not giving it away. With my background, I could write a long piece, even a book-length piece, based on one good trip.

Building three, closing one

American Municipal Power is building three hydroelectric plants on the Ohio River and plans to build more. Meanwhile, it plans to shut down a coal-fired plant near Marietta, Ohio, by the end of this year. It's about to bring some new coal-fired units in Illinois on line soon, and it hopes to build a new gas-fired plant near the Ohio River town of Racine, Ohio.

A news article with some of AMP's plans is here .