Friday, February 21, 2020

Better living through digging up old stuff

I noticed the M/V Lee Synnott was in the area this evening, right as the golden hour was ending and the blue hour was beginning. Because it had been a while seen I had seen the Synnott, which once was a frequent visitor to this area, I went looking for it. I feared it would stop at the fleet at Mile 311, where it's next to impossible to get a decent shot from land without a longer lens than I can afford. Sadly, it did, so I came home empty.

Because I've had to juggle personal demands (including health problems of a family member), I haven't been able to get to the river when interesting boats were around. Add to that the fact that February is pretty drab in my home territory, so getting new photos has been more of a chore than a pleasure.

Because of that, I've been going back through old images and taking a fresh look at them. Like this one from 2012.

Sometimes I don't appreciate a photograph I've taken until months or years have passed. It's almost as if it has to marinate for that time to bring out the flavors I don't recognize the moment the shutter opens. That's okay. I have thousands and thousands of photos I've taken over the years that need to be reviewed. It's fun, actually.