Friday, October 7, 2016

M/V Cailey Moore

When I saw a boat in the distance this evening, I thought it might be a Crounse boat, as the Mary Artie Brannon was in the area. As it got closer, the pilothouse didn't look right, so I went up on a bridge to get an overhead view. As the barges came into view, I noticed they were numbered, but they had no letters. Odd.

Then I saw one barge had "CONSOL" in large letters. Could this be a Murray boat? The M/V Michael T. Somales was in the upper part of the Racine pool a day or two ago, but that's an hour and a half to two hours away by car. As the boat emerged from under the bridge, it was the M/V Cailey Moore, formerly known as Champion Coal, a boat I had seen several times when it was owned by Consol Energy.

So I got some shots. I've been playing around with black and white recently, so I figured I would try various effects with images I get this evening. Here are some results.

Sometimes black and white works better than color, and sometimes it doesn't. Did it work in these photos? You be the judge.

P.S. When the Cailey Moore was in the distance, I counted five barge lengths in its tow. I was excited that I might see a 15-barge coal tow, but when the barges emerged from under the bridge, it was clear the boat was pushing only 10 loads. But that's better than nine or six or four, so I'll take it.