Saturday, August 29, 2015

Toxic algae bloom in the Ohio River

According to news reports by WTOV-TV and The Columbus Dispatch, algae capable of causing sickness in humans and death to pets has been found in the Ohio River at or near Belmont County, Ohio, up in the area near Wheeling, W.Va.

That would explain the little floaters I've seen the past few days along the Ohio here in the Huntington area. The algae needs calm waters, not flowing waters, to reproduce, and the river has been pretty low and calm lately with the lack of rain. About the only thing stirring the water is barge traffic and pleasure craft.

M/V O. Nelson Jones, 8-29-2015

I do declare, this classic St. Louis Shipbuilding and Steel Co. boat, built in 1964 as the L. Fiore, sure looks good in the morning light.

Tell me I'm wrong. I won't believe you.