Sunday, January 12, 2020

Catching up

There's nothing like a cold that won't go away and a computer dying on you — but giving you enough advance notice to download everything of value you had on it — to mess up a lot of things in your life. The cold is still here, but the computer has been replaced, so now maybe I can start some serious overdue editing on some photos. And writing a couple of longer-form things I had planned to appear by now.

Until then ...

This was the M/V Stephen T of Superior Marine pushing a single barge down the river past Huntington WV yesterday. I went down to the park to clear my head (and my nose) of stuff that was in it that didn't need to be. After the Stephen T passed, I saw kids of various ages on skateboard and bikes at the skateboard area at the lower end of the park.

Now, it's catchup time on a lot of things.