Thursday, May 20, 2010

Three news stories from upriver

The old Bellaire Toll Bridge at Wheeling, W.Va., was closed to traffic in 1991. Its approaches were removed, and, for a variety of reasons, it has not been removed. Now there is talk that it could finally come down, according to the Wheeling newspapers. Or maybe not.

I'll admit that I hope it doesn't come down until I can get up there and get some photos. There are a lot of photo-worthy bridges at Wheeling and above, but this one in particular has my interest. That's because it looks a lot like the old 6th Street Bridge that crossed the Ohio River at Huntington, W.Va., from the 1920s until it was closed in 1994 and demolished in 1995.


The Ohio River as "Marine Highway One" to take advantage of containerized shipping? Okay, we have a few years to talk about it and to determine if it's feasible or likely.


The State Journal has a story on what's going on with plans to improve the locks and dams on the lower Monongahela River.

Two Mountain States

I was getting a few pictures of my favorite bridge. I'd finished, and I was getting into the car when I saw some coal barges through the trees. Then I noticed the letters "AEP" on them. Then I heard the sound of the boat's engines. It was one that I recognized.

So, I got a few photos of the mv. Mountain State this morning. Here's one. Note that in the background, behind the bridge, is West Virginia, the Mountain State.