Tuesday, February 5, 2019

M/V Cincinnati

As seen from Proctorville, Ohio.

Hey, look! A boat!

Changing weather means a foggy Ohio River. Just ask the people aboard the M/V Sandy Drake.

Let me back up a bit on this story.

This afternoon I was at Riverfront Park in beautiful downtown Huntington before I had to go pick up someone. There was a layer of fog hanging over the Ohio, so I got this picture of a pier of the Sixth Street bridge (real name Robert C. Byrd Bridge).

I was about to leave until far off I noticed the pilothouse and barges of a boat coming upriver, so I figured I would hang around and get a picture of a boat in the fog. Those are usually good photos if you have the right background.

The boat moved slowly, but it finally got to the bridge and from the look of the pilothouse and the sound of the engine I guessed it was a Crounse boat. Here the top of the fog was seven to ten feet higher than it was a few min

The fog was getting thicker and deeper.

I had been down by the river's edge. I figured I had better go up the hill to get above the fog if I wanted to get a decent shot of the boat.

Didn't do much good, did it?

And the fog got thicker.

As I was leaving, I go the photo that led off this blog entry.

So much for my excitement of getting another good boat-in-fog photo. But I did get a decent one earlier in the day. That's for the next entry.