Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Ohio River flood, 2/19/18, part 3 of 3

The gates of the Greenup Locks and Dam were open as expected ...

... but something was missing. In the gap between the last pier and that structure next to the Ohio shore is the hydroelectric power plant. I knew those things were made to be submerged in high water, but I had never seen one totally under water before.

There wasn't much room between the dam gates and the river.

Meanwhile, these signs on the lock wall on the Kentucky side of the river are missing something. If memory serves, they are missing the word "dam".

Not here, but up at the Gallipolis Robert C. Byrd Locks and Dam, I've seen at least one guy take a small boat out to a dam pier and fish off of it until someone from the locks told him he had to leave.

A few miles up the river is the Greenup County, Ky., courthouse complex. The courthouse itself sits at the top of the river bank, marked by this sign.

Across the river, whoever lives in this house has a good view of things right now.

The weather was pretty good. It would have been a nice day to be on a boat, if you could get to the boat.

And one last shot of the Greenup Locks and Dam ...

... before we leave the flood chasing to people downriver as they await the crest there.

One thing about this flood is that is is the first since drone photography became affordable and popular. It doesn't take much searching to find drone stills or videos of flood scenes.

What I wonder about what happens when drones become more affordable and thus more  numerous. Sooner or later two will bump into each other in mid-air and come crashing down onto someone or someone's vehicle. Or someone will become a habitual drone peeping tom.

That's for the lawyers and insurance companies to figure out.