Thursday, December 25, 2014

Towboat faceoff

Today I was going though a box of old tax documents. Digging through those things, I found a bunch of other stuff I had misplaced and considered lost forever. Among them was a piece of notebook paper with the brackets for a beautiful towboat showdown. So when I found it, I asked Adam for his thoughts on who he would vote for.

In the Modern Division, facing off in the first round were the Hoosier State vs. Detroit, Linda Reed vs. Charlie Melancon, Tennessee Hunter vs. Omar and Vernon C. Smith vs. R. Clayton McWhorter.

In the Classics Division, I had Charleston vs. Fred Way, O. Nelson Jones vs. Lelia C. Shearer, the old Valvoline vs. Allied-Ashland and Oliver C. Shearer vs. Aliquippa.

Looking back, I would replace the Charlie Melancon with the Amber Brittany.

I won't tell you who I would vote to win or who Adam preferred, but I will say we had different winners.