Sunday, July 19, 2015

Black and White Week, Day 1

A Facebook friend of mine in Oklahoma grew up along the Ohio River not far from where I did. He worked for a while as a deckhand before becoming a lawyer down there in the Sooner State. Recently I posted a photo on Flickr and linked it to Facebook. It was a black-and-white photo originally shot in color.

My friend left this comment: "One of my most favorite delights as a kid was being allowed to look through the drawer full of pictures that my grandmother had, all taken in Eureka, from the late '20s through the early '60s, which led me to this truth which I hold to be self evident. River pictures, of right, ought to be taken in black and white."

So naturally I got to thinking about pictures I've taken in my many decades of life. Some were in color. Some in black and white. So why not go all the way back to the first of June of this year and pick a few shots and see how they look in black and white?

Thus my new theme for the next seven days, Black and White Week. All these were taken since June 1. Some will look good in black and white while some probably won't.

There will be lots of pictures of boats, of course, but there are other things on the river, too. So let's start with three nontowboat photos.

First up is this fellow doing some afternoon fishing.

On the rare occasions I get very far downriver, I always stop at this museum on the Ohio side right above the Meldahl Locks and Dam. If you have any interest in the old wicket dams that used to control the Ohio, this place is a must-see.

And there's this sign I found. Extra points to the person who knows where I got this shot.

Next up: Marathon boats, while they still have the Marathon logo on them.