Sunday, July 18, 2021

M/V Bowling Green (3/3)

Final batch. After Lock and Dam 27, I figured I would catch the boat as it made the first bend after passing under the East Huntington (WV) bridge. It's a good spot for boat photos because boats tend to pass fairly close to the shore. Then I thought about how muddy the bank would be. It's pretty steep, and even if I got down it okay, getting back up might be a problem.

Then I figured I would go up on the 6th Street bridge and get the boat with the city in the background. Off to the west, it was apparent there was heavy rain. As I started up the sidewalk to the bridge, I felt the first few light drops of rain. Enough of this, I thought, so I went back to my truck and headed for Harris Riverfront Park, where I could shoot out the window if the rain was bad.

By the time I got to the park -- less than five minutes -- it was pouring pretty hard. I made a test shot by putting a window down, but in a few seconds things were soaked. I moved the truck to where I could shoot out the passenger window without getting my interior wet.

As the boat passed, the rain eased up a bit. I grabbed something to cover my camera -- you can see it in one picture -- and got off a few more shots. By then someone from work had contacted me about something that came up needing my attention. I had little desire to follow the boat further down the river in the rain, so I'll have to wait until it comes back up this way to get it again.

All in all, an interesting afternoon for boat chasing. Not the best conditions, but interesting ones.

Saturday, July 17, 2021

M/V Bowling Green (2/3)

 Another set of photos this one taken from the Ohio side of old Lock and Dam 27. In this sequence, taken a few minutes after the previous one, the storm clouds left for a little while and the sun came out.

Next up: The Bowling Green passing Huntington WV in the rain.

M/V Bowling Green (1/3)

The new M/V Bowling Green, a triple-screw 6,600-hp boat, has been up this way on the Ohio. I didn't get to see her upbound trip, but I did see her return trip downbound. There will be three entries documenting her trip, as I caught her at three places in three light conditions.

First, at Athalia, Ohio, just after a heavy rain when the skies were still dark and the landscape colors were rich and deep.

Next up: Passing old Lock and Dam 27 in bright sunlight.