Monday, March 21, 2011

Two rivers, two Vikings

The R.L. Carter Jr. had backed out of the Kanawha River by the time I got there on Sunday ....

... after which it proceeded up the Ohio River with its tow.

While the R.L. Carter Jr. was doing that, the Capt. John Reynolds was over at Amherst harbor for a little while.

By the time the R.L. Carter Jr. had passed out of my sight, the Capt. John Reynolds had left Amherst for a point somewhere up the Kanawha.

M/V or mv. ?

An old-timer doesn't like how I abbreviate "motor vessel" as "mv." He would prefer I use the method "M/V" ...

Which should it be? I reserve the final decision, of course, but if anyone out there has an opinion to share, I'd like to hear it.

mv. Floyd H. Blaske at Point Pleasant

While I was in Point Pleasant yesterday, I got to see the mv. Floyd H. Blaske of Inland Marine come out of the Kanawha River with nine empties and head down the Ohio River.

I saw the boat a few hours later moving along pretty good. I don't think the pilot was letting any moss grow on his propeller, to borrow a phrase someone once used about my driving habits in my first VW Scirocco.