Thursday, October 28, 2010

1848 photos of Cincinnati

By now you've heard of the restoration work done on the daguerrotypes of Cincinnati in 1848. Right now I'm reading this article on about them. Now I want to make daguerrotypes. Impractical, I know, but look at the detail on those things.

And to think when I was a kid someone had a similar image of one of someone, perhaps one of my ancestors. But it was probably thrown away as worthless decades ago.

Barge worker struck by lightning

This didn't happen on the Ohio River, but there are a couple of connections.

A Catlettsburg, Ky., man was struck by lightning while working on an Ingram Barge Co. barge in Alabama Sunday night. He is in critical condition in a Huntsville, Ala., hospital, according to two news reports: here and here .

Plant plan moving forward

A proposed coal gasification plant in Ohio has received the private financing it needs to proceed. Story here .