Thursday, January 29, 2015

There's nothing like a crashed hard drive

Or having to type on a Kindle. Or when the power connector plug inside the other computer breaks off. Or waiting for the mailman to deliver your replacement startup disks.

Or, for that matter, water line problems and a possibly malfunctioning kitchen appliance.

It's been an eventful January at the Ross household. I should have one computer running and making money by this weekend. I have some entries waiting to go up.

If you were on the Hoosier State this past Sunday as it went past Huntington and saw a couple of people on shore getting pictures, that was me and Adam. And if you were on the Yvonne Conway during crew change at Huntington this morning, yeah, that was me under the umbrella getting some pictures. I wanted to get some shots along the shore, but those rocks were all covered with ice.

Pictures to come, depending on when I get my computer back from the shop.