Thursday, May 18, 2017

Sunset through the wheelhouse

A couple of days ago maybe I saw a photo on a Facebook river group and I got so envious, sort of. It was from an area that was flat -- no hills -- and someone got a sunset shot of the sun through the pilothouse glass. The boat was from ACBL, I think.

I figured I would never get a chance at that shot because of all the hills around here. However, yesterday evening the Coast Guard buoy tender Osage tied up at Harris Riverfront Park here in Huntington. I happened upon it and decided to get some pictures. Then I noticed I could shoot upward and get the sun through the pilothouse windows. Here are a couple of samples. The first is the sun unobstructed. In the second, I think there was a guy walking around inside the pilothouse because the size of the sun was changing.

As long as I was there, I figured I may as well get a photo of some buoys.

It doesn't surprise me the Osage was in the area. From what I have seen and heard, several buoys on the middle and upper Ohio are not where they should be.

Ironton bridge is down

The last remaining steel of the old Ironton-Russell Bridge came down yesterday. I couldn't be there because I had to work. But the Ironton Tribune was, and it wrote about the event.