Friday, May 4, 2018

Boat pics from this week

Here are a few leftovers from action down by the river the past few days.

First, from Tuesday morning as I waited for the Mister Mac to pass by the mouth of the Big Sandy River, here is the M/V Hamilton.

As I took this, I thought that lots of people in New York City are paying lots of money to see Hamilton, and here I am in Catlettsburg doing it for free. Yes, that's the worst Ohio River joke you will read this day, week, month and probably year.

The Hamilton was heading to the former Merdie Boggs boat store, where the M/V Enid Dibert already was. The Hamilton finished its business fairly quickly and headed back down the river.

A day later, Ingram's M/V Ocie Clark came through my area.

The following day, as I was down by the river having a real photographer make a picture of me, Campbell's M/V James E. Pinson passed by.

And so we wait for the next batch of boats to come through at the same time that I have my camera ready.