Saturday, November 6, 2010

mv. Pennsylvania passes Huntington

One of the few old "turtleback" towboats formerly owned by Ohio River Co. that still comes through our area every now and then passed Huntington today. Adam and I saw the Pennsylvania, formerly the L. Fiore, as we were driving along West Virginia Route 2 north of Huntington. Here is one shot we got ...

... and you can see others here and here and here .

As we walked along Route 2 to get a good shooting spot, a car driving by honked at us. I thought it was someone trying to be cute, but it turned out to be C.R. Neale, who we met in Point Pleasant a couple of months ago. C.R. sent us an e-mail letting us know he saw us there along the road. So here's a shoutout to C.R. Hey, C.R.