Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Breakfast surprise

Two or three times a week I find myself driving on WV Route 2 along the Ohio River north of Huntington about an hour or so before rush hour begins. Today the river was calm and reflective, so I figured I had a shot at getting a photo of a certain bridge reflecting in the mirror-like surface of the water.

Before I got to the bridge, I saw the AEP Mariner under it, so I knew my hoped-for photo was not happening today. As I got to the park under the bridge, I noticed the Mariner was pushing only three coal loads, and it was moving pretty slowly. It was so slow, the propellers were kicking up hardly any turbulence. Plus the boat was sticking pretty close to the Ohio shore for some reason.

Here's what it looked like, with me having to look toward the sun in the east to get this.

But the morning was not a total disappointment. There were about two dozen Canada geese breakfasting on underwater vegetation -- adults, adolescents and elementary age equivalents.

Yeah, that looks like me and my offspring when we all gather for a meal.