Saturday, July 5, 2014


I'm trying something a little different over at my Flickr photostream. I'm trying post one picture for each day in July. Each picture's title tells the day I took it. A lot of pictures will be of the river. Some won't such as the coal train waiting here at Huntington WV for the go-ahead to move.

Three of the first four pictures were of the river, however.

On the 1st, I was disappointed I did not get to see the American Queen going up the Ohio River being pushed by the M/V Enterprise because the AQ was having trouble with its paddlewheel. I did, though, get this one of a Crounse boat coming down the Ohio. Its front barges have a nice color because they were loaded so deep they caused big splashes or whatever they're called. Wet coal barges have richer colors than dry ones.

Here are a couple more.

The Flickr photos are higher-res, FWIW. More to come, I hope.