Sunday, April 24, 2011

More high water news

I don't like it when TV weather people wear out the phrase "severe weather," but this week they have my permission to use it.

This from Channel 3 in Huntington says the lower half of the Ohio Valley could be in for a lot more rain.

Some tributaries of the Ohio River in the Evansville area are causing some pretty bad problems.

The Cincinnati area has set a record for rainfall in April, and more is to come. It's possible the river could crest there higher than it did last month.

A casino at Metropolis, Ill., is closing until further notice because of  high water.

And that's just a sampling of what's going on.

311 fleet

This is a little blurry, but it catches what happens at the 311 fleet at Huntington. The linehaul boat is the Lee Synnott. The smaller ones are the Stephen T and the Michael D, but don't ask me which is which.

Adam shot this as I drove over the Wet 17th Street bridge as darkness was setting in. It's a two-lane bridge that connects two four-lane highways, so you might imagine the traffic can be rough for someone trying to get a shot of anything on the river. There's no sidewalk and practically to room for walking. So about the best you can do is have someone shoot while you drive.

I'm guessing the Synnott has dropped off some empty coal barges and is picking up some loads to deliver to a power plant somewhere. The smaller boats shuttle empties and loads in and out of the Big Sandy River, about seven miles downstream.

Passing Huntington in the rain

The Linda Reed passing Huntington as rain was about to fall.

Actually, rain did fall. I was up on the bridge getting the pictures. I wanted to show how 20 feet of water looks on Harris Riverfront Park. Before the Reed went under the bridge, I looked to the west and saw what looked like rain headed my way. I figured I could get the photos and get off the bridge before rain fell. Before I got the last picture, rain blew in from the east. You can see drops on my lens filter in the last picture.

Three barge pics

Paducah murals

Here's an article on the floowall murals at Paducah.

Murals look better than bare concrete walls if they're done right and if they're unique.