Saturday, May 29, 2010

Buckeye haze

Oh, it was hazy today. I was at least two miles away as the mv. Buckeye State was making a tow at Gallipolis, Ohio. It was at the limit of my camera equipment, but I could see the boat from where I was, despite the haze.

A barn

Today on a trip down Ohio Route 7 along the Ohio River, I stopped at the cemetery where my father is buried. As I was leaving, I saw this barn in the late afternoon light. I like barns.

Markland Locks and Dam

I didn't have much time to spend here at the Markland Locks and Dam. I kind of wish I had, but I had a lot of miles to go, and I was kind of tired from spending most of the day in the sun with a camera bag on my left shoulder.

The Markland Locks and Dam was the first of two on the Ohio River to have a bridge across it. And I believe it was the second to have a hydroelectric power plant built on one end. It's the only dam between Louisville and Cincinnati.

Three on the river

The SuperAmerica downbound.

The Wayne C, pushing six empties.

Here the Wayne C, right, encounters the upbound Pamela H.