Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Another Mail Pouch barn

So here I am, sitting at home trying to get over a summer cold Adam brought home from school. I'm trying to work on a couple of things for work if only people would return my calls and e-mails.

The story that was going to be in this week's issue has been held until next week. That's okay, as it should get better play and more space then.

Meanwhile, here are a couple of photos I got in Mason County WV yesterday. I was on Route 2 heading home from a photo-and-video shoot. This was a little east of Point Pleasant along the part of the road that heads straight east (or as close as you can get to that in a state with no straight lines) from Point Pleasant rather than following the river.

As I got out of my car to shoot these, a couple of people who live across the road from the barn began talking to me. A woman said she wished she had a dollar for everyone who has stopped to get a picture of this barn. Her neighbor and I began talking about other Mail Pouch barns in the area and how some of them are deteriorating or gone.

I hadn't been on this section of road in daylight since maybe 1999. In those days, I didn't pay a whole lot of attention to Mail Pouch barns. I wish now that I had. At least I have a photo of one in the Swan Creek area of Gallia County, Ohio, that was torn down about 20 years ago.

Whenever I drive along the river road or a back road, I get a photo if I can.