Sunday, March 17, 2019

That was the week that was, 3/16/18

One day late.

One evening I headed down to Catlettsburg to take advantage of the light forgetting (a) that it was later in the day than I thought, and (b) there's a hill behind Catlettsburg, and it can get late awful early there, to steal a line from Yogi Berra, even if he was a Yankee at the time.

At least I got to see the O. Nelson Jones and one of the 2010-era AEP boats there together.

And yesterday evening, as the golden hour began, I caught the Robinson coming down the river. The light and shadows were off a bit from what I wanted to get of the boat itself, but look at the elongated shadow of the bridge pier out toward the buoy.

The Jean Akin came down the river right after the Robinson, so I had time to compose those photos just as the sun was getting in a better spot.