Sunday, March 24, 2013

The best of the best

As I was waiting for the M/V Kentucky to move into the position where I wanted it to be when I took its picture, I got to thinking about how it would be the best photo of the boat that I had ever gotten. Then I realized it wouldn't be. This one is. Or maybe it's another one that I have in my print collection that I don't seem to have put online. Or is it? Right now I'm not sure.

And, because once an idea gets in my head it usually triggers a train of thought, I began thinking about which boats you could say I have the one picture that because of background, lighting or back story that I can say if I never make another photo of it, I have a really good one.

Several came to mind right away.

The AEP Mariner.

The Hoosier State.

The R. Clayton McWhorter, which apparently is on my Facebook page but not this blog or Flickr.

The AEP Legacy.

The Chuck Zebula (not online).

The Detroit, although this version is cropped to tight; it should show more of the power plants in the background. The 20-by-30 poster that used to hang on my cubicle wall at work was closer to the full-frame version.

The Escatawpa, although really you can't see much of the boat itself, as the barges, the clouds and the light dominate.

The Speedway.

And others. Some, like the Mountain State, are in several pictures that are so good that I can't pick out just one.

I'll still get photos of these and the rest when I can. But it's good that I'm trying not just to get one more picture of a boat, but an even better one than the best in my collection so far.

I do the same with bridges, dams and herons, by the way. I can control things with immovable objects a lot better than with mobile ones, of course.

Marge and Mary ...

... at Lacey  Lane. The M/V Marge McFarlin and the M/V Mary Harter, of course.