Thursday, August 20, 2015

M/V Senator Stennis

In 1990, who would have thought I would absolutely need a computer that was connected to the rest of the world? A week ago this evening, my Internet service went out, and it came back on this morning. It was like there was a world going on out there, and I was not a part of it. it hurt.

But my service is almost back to normal now.

There will be stuff to catch up on here after I catch up on stuff I need to do to make money.

Meanwhile ...

Yesterday morning I had to go into Huntington for something. I went by the river as usual to see what was happening, and I saw the M/V Senator Stennis pushed up to the bank at Harris Riverfront Park. I got some pictures and left for an appointment. I came back and hour later and it was still there.

Mechanical problem? Medical emergency? No, just a crew change. I guess the boat got their early or the new crew got there late. Either way, it was nice to get some pictures from an angle that's normally not open to me.

So if you were aboard the Stennis yesterday and you saw the guy in the dark blue shirt walking up and down the riverbank getting pictures, yeah, that was me.

I got several good pictures, but I have to get back to earning a living now.