Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Low water on the lower Ohio

The Ohio River is near historic lows in the Paducah area.

Meanwhile, the lower Mississippi is in the, uh, same boat.

Crossing the bridge in a wind storm

Language alert ahead.

Here's one I found via Twitter. It's two people driving across the Ohio River bridge at Ravenswood, W.Va.,during Friday evening's storm. It looks like the bridge was in the process of being sandblasted and painted. And remember, there normally would be a couple of hours of daylight left when this was recorded.

Be warned: If the casual use of the f-word bothers you, you might not want to watch this. Or better, mute your machine.

Elvis is back in the building

Hey, folks, we have power back at the Ross house. It went off Friday evening when the derecho went through here at 70 mph or more. I knew it was coming, but the force of the wind still surprised me. At one point, I was glad I wasn't on a 3,000-hp boat pushing 15 empties downstream.

The electricity came back on at 1 p.m. yesterday while I was at work. I spent last night catching up on some cleaning and laundry, with more to do today after work. And I didn't realize until I took out the trash this morning how tired I was from all that had gone on the past few days. But I'm sure that's nothing compared to what the guys working on the power lines are going through.

Give me a day or so and I'll have the blog up and running again. Life comes first, you know.

Until then, here's a scene I saw at sunrise yesterday on my way to work. It's back away from the river, but it gave me something to look at before the day ahead.

Those two lines overhead are part of a 738-kilovolt transmission line connection two power plants or facilities near them, in case you're wondering.

So here's hoping everyone reading this got through the storm with minimal damage and problems.