Sunday, April 26, 2015

Catch Up Week, Day 2: Three boats pass Huntington

Most days when I go down to the river, I see no boats. That's not surprising, considering the drop in river traffic the past year or two. Often, when I do see a boat, I see more than one, which is what happened yesterday morning.

First, there was the Catlettsburg, which I assume was delivering empties to ... Catlettsburg. Or Kenova or South Point or wherever they go before they are loaded again.

Later I saw the Findlay, which I hear is a recent addition to the Marathon fleet.

In between those two, I saw one of the prettiest boats on the river, in part because of its lines and in part because of its color scheme. It's the Amber Brittany. I don't get to see it much, and I know where I would like to get shots of it should our schedules and our resources ever coincide. I can think of about a dozen places where I would like to see it pushing 15 loads. Exactly where those spots are depends on the time of day I would see it.

Anyway, here are some images of her.

Tomorrow: Ohio River traffic by the numbers.