Wednesday, June 6, 2018

M/V Savage Insight and M/V Capt. Gerald Boggs

My morning walk down by the river was interrupted — in a good way — when I saw two boats.

First up was the M/V Savage Insight, owned by Savage Inland Marine.

The  Savage Insight is 92.6 feet long, 34 feet wide and 10 feet deep. It was built in 2011 by Eastern Shipbuilding Group. It was one of 35 towboats Savage Inland Marine acquired from Settoon Towing last year. Under Settoon's ownership, the Savage Insight was named the Shirley P. Settoon.

When Savage bought the boats from Settoon, it changed their names, with most if not all beginning with the name "Savage". Among the are the Savage Journey, the Savage Ingenuity and the Savage Legacy. The sort-of Star Wars fan in me hopes to see a Savage Opress some day, but that falls into the "ain't happening" category.

The other boat was the M/V Capt. Gerald Boggs of AEP.

While we think of the Boggs as being an AEP boat, technically it is owned by BB&T Equipment Finance Corp. It was built in 1977 by St. Louis Ship and was originally named the Edwin A. Lewis. It is 127.7 feet by 44 feet by 9 feet.

Sorry, no Star Wars references for this boat except that it came out the same year the first Star Wars movie did. Oh great, now I'll be playing Star Wars and Star Trek references with boats on the Ohio.