Thursday, May 27, 2010

More from Rising Sun

Here are a few more photos from yesterday's christening of the mv. Hoosier State at Rising Sun, Indiana. First, four from me.

First, the boat decked out in bunting and streamers and such.

Another shot of Adam steering the boat, with lessons from the pilot, first name Joe, last name I didn't get.

After he steered the boat, they gave him a ball cap that says "AEP River Operations" on it. He took it to school today to show it off. Here Adam gets his final few pictures.

Now, four from Adam and his new point-and-shoot camera.

Here's the Hoosier State as seen from the shelter at the top of the Ohio River bank there at the park. This composition was his idea, not mine.

And another view.

Here's the rear of the boat as seen from the pilothouse.

And he took this while we were out on the river. This is river as the head of the boat travels through it.

I told him that if I have a good job next  year and he takes good care of this camera, he can expect a better one next summer.