Saturday, December 12, 2015

M/V Sandy Drake northbound

The M/V Sandy Drake of Crounse Corp. passed Huntington WV this evening pushing 15 barges, heading up the Ohio River to I don't know where. The mouth of the Kanawha, to swap them for 15 loads of Central Appalchian coal? To the Wheeling area to pick up some Northern App coal? Or maybe somewhere else?

Coal traffic on the Ohio is on a downward trend. The question will be how long that trendline continues until it flattens to the new normal.

Two boats on a gray morning (updated)

I saw them both, one at sunrise and the other little after.

In this first shot, in which I did not get the name of the boat, I liked the wave formed by the one lead box barge.


After the first boat went down the river, the M/V Cincinnati came up the river. I didn't get the picture I wanted because it was moving faster than I expected. But this one works anyway.

UPDATE: I'm not sure, but I think the boat in the top three pictures was the M/V James E. Anderson.