Sunday, July 31, 2022

Aubrey K and the Nedra K

 The river has reeled in another Ross.

My youngest grandchild won't be 3 for another six weeks or so. A couple of weeks ago, she and her mommy were crossing the West 17th Street bridge when Aubrey noticed boats in the river. She kept asking about them, which meant her daddy and I had to give up part of a Sunday afternoon to take her to the river to look for boats. Oh, the burdens I bear. Today we got to see several, and a couple blew their air horns for her. She had a good time watching boats and throwing rocks in the river, so we will probably have to go back.

And my thanks to Jeff Cumptan of Ohio & Kanawha River Photography for talking the pilot of the Nedra K to come close to shore and do a couple of 360s for us. He needed some closeups for a favor he was doing to the person the boat is named for, and his request helped my Aubrey have an ever better time down by the river.