Monday, October 1, 2012

Geese in Catlettsburg

There wasn't a whole lot of traffic on the Ohio River yesterday when I was out there looking for it, but I did find something else. Along the river in Catlettsburg, Ky., there's a new sign advising people of a goose crossing. A few minutes after I saw the sign, I saw two geese come up from the river's edge. I'm no goose-ologist, but one of them looked like a swan goose like we have at the riverfront park in Huntington. Here it is swimming by some empty Crounse barges tied up at Catlettsburg.

The other goose was almost all white, but it had the same patterns on its wings. It did not, though, have the bump over the bill that this one has.

Looking back

Off and on for the past two weeks, I've been looking at some of the photos of the Ohio, Kanawha and Big Sandy rivers that I've taken the past five years. And you know what? There are some pictures in my collection that were better than I thought they were when I took them.

I've spent so much time lately trying to outdo myself that I've not appreciated some of the good stuff I've already done. Pardon me if that sounds a bit prideful, but as Dizzy Dean said, it ain't braggin' if you done it.

And there are some photos that I thought were pretty good when I took them three years ago but when I look at them now, I say, eh, whatever. Funny how time changes your appreciation of what's good and what's not.