Monday, April 30, 2012


A groundbreaking ceremony is scheduled for Thursday for the new Ohio River bridge between Ironton, Ohio, and Russell, Ky, to replace the 90-year-old one that's in use now. I wish I could be there.

Locking downbound at Greenup

On Sunday I had to get Adam doing something, so we went down to Catlettsburg to look for boats. None there. So I figured we could go down to the courthouse in Greenup, Ky., to see if anything was around there, as it's a good spot to see boats if any are in the area. None there except for one over on the Ohio side and down far enough that we couldn't get a good ID.

So we went down to the Greenup Locks and Dam to look around. The locks themselves are behind a security fence, but there is a place where you can go down by the river and get close to boats entering and leaving the locks. We had seen a Dravo 3200 or "Steel" boat while we were in Greenup, so we waited for it come come by. Five minutes later, we did. It was the James E. Anderson.

It looks like someone is doing some painting on the Anderson.

One thing about this time at Greenup that is a bit ironic, perhaps. In my post yesterday, I linked to an article about lane closures on the Ohio River bridge at Cairo. The article mentioned that the bridge is used by farm machinery. I commented that I hadn't seen anything like that on this part of the river.

Wouldn't you know that as we watched the James E. Anderson approach the locks, I saw a combine or something like it crossing the bridge over the Greenup dam. How 'bout that.