Thursday, July 19, 2018

American Queen in Huntington, part 2

Here are more photos of the American Queen's stop in Huntington (America's Best Community) this morning.

When I saw the fog, I was kind of excited. Getting a photo at sunrise would be good. Getting one with fog would be better, right?

The sun came up over the hill right as the fog lifted and the American Queen came around the bend.

Arriving at Harris Riverfront Park in beautiful downtown Huntington.

Deckhands do their jobs, and passengers see what commotion is happening.

Somebody has to operate the bow thrusters and other equipment to nudge the boat to the dock.

A few more images ...

... before it's time to go home.

I got to the park too late to see the boat leave, and given the harsh light of mid-afternoon, I wasn't in the mood to go chasing it. Anyway, the early morning arrival was enough to satisfy my cravings.

Oh, and one last image, supplied by a friend who works for the Huntington newspaper.

No, I'm not praying to the American Queen or offering her my sword or my treasure. I'm just getting a picture from a different angle.

The American Queen in Huntington

The American Queen arrived in Huntington around 7 a.m. today. Here are three quick and dirty edits. Lots more (and, I hope, better) to come as I take the time to go through them.