Saturday, October 3, 2020

Lock and Dam 27, early morning


This time of year is good for fog ... if you like fog. It can be a pain to drive in, but sometimes down by the river it's a nice shooting environment if you have a camera.

This morning I went down to the river in Huntington and over on the Ohio side of Lock and Dam 27 — one of my favorite places along the entire Ohio River — to see what was there in the fog. Some good stuff, as it turned out.

The park itself looked pretty nice.

There were some guys fishing ...

This second guy left something on in his truck, so he asked me to give him a jump. As he left, he showed me a selfie with a walleye he had caught. He said he was there this morning to catch some bait fish. He didn't expect to get something that big.

And at the end I noticed the old lockwall made a happy face if you looked at it from the proper angle.

There hasn't bee a boat lock through here in almost 60 years. I'm glad the old place is enjoying its retirement.

It was a good morning in a favorite place.