Friday, June 22, 2012

Louisville bridges update (very short)

Another step has been taken to get construction on the Louisville bridges project under way this year.

Missed opportunity

Yesterday morning I was driving to work in Charleston, W.Va. As I was crossing the last bridge over the Kanawha River (there are three between home and the office), I saw a boat with interesting colors upbound. So I took a side trip to get a picture. At a certain spot, I saw the boat was the M/V Gilbert Taylor.

I sorely wanted to get a picture. But the clock said 9:25. Finding a place to park, finding a place to shoot, driving five blocks to the building and then up to the fifth or sixth floor of the parking garage, down the stairs and into the building would take seven minutes minimum, and I had a mandatory 9:30 meeting. So I skipped the photo shoot.

When I got to the office, the big digital clock on the wall to remind the TV people what time it is read 9:29:34. The 9:30 meeting started at 9:40. Oh well.

It was a long day, dominated by news of yet more coal mine shutdowns. These mines, all operated by Arch Coal, produce coal for power plants. Judging from their locations, they ship about all their coal by rail.