Wednesday, July 1, 2009

AEP Mariner

So I learn through the Internet that the AEP Mariner is heading my way. I go up the river, find the boat between Crown City and Miller OH and park myself at the boat ramp at Athalia OH to get some snaps.

While there, rain starts falling upriver. It falls for maybe two minutes where I am, but much longer a mile or two up the river where the boat is.

The boat is moving very slowly. Eventually it gets down to where I am. There's enough rain up the river to cover much of the surrounding countryside with a gray curtain, providing a solid background.

Later, the boat passes the upper end of Huntington WV.

A very wise man once said that any boat worth photographing is worth photographing passing under Huntington's East End bridge. Okay, that was me. But I got the photo anyway.

And it heads downriver. I have to leave because I need to drive my daughter to work. So it's good-bye to the AEP Mariner for this trip.