Sunday, August 4, 2013

Donning the vest

My 13-year-old son, Adam, and I were in Marietta, Ohio, yesterday for the open house of the AEP towboat MIke Weisend. We met up with C.R. Neale, whose family owns a marine business down the river at Vienna, W.Va. C.R. gave us the tour of their operation. As part of that, Adam had to put on a personal floatation device.

He loved it. Adam wants to work on the river, and putting on the vest, visiting a drydock and getting on board two or three boats there was the highlight of his week. Being on a boat is his second-favorite place in the world. His first favorite is anywhere he can be with his five-month-old niece,  but that's another story.

Now that I look at the picture larger, it's a little off plumb. Oh well.

What a month

Yes, I know I've been gone for a while. Have you ever had half your staff t urn in their resignations in one month? It's what happens when you hire a lot of young people at once and the market starts opening for them two  years later. You hire them at once and they leave at once.

That was my July. Oh, my granddaughter got cuter and more demanding, too.

To avoid another lull in posting, I've gathered some photos that should have been put on here or that I took last week, and I'm spreading them out  over a few days. The first one goes up later today.

I'll still be posting as news warrants, but  I hope the photos keep you interested for a while until I can go back t o 40 hours a week at my job  again.

The first photo post goes up today at noon, by the way.