Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Good evening at Big Sandy harbor

Last night I got to see a couple of Marathon Petroleum Co. towboats in different angles than I'm used to. First it was the M/V Kentucky, which was pushing a barge loaded with people. To my surprise, it did a 180-degree turn right in front of me.

As the Kentucky was turning, I saw the Marathon coming out of the Big Sandy River pushing an empty barge.

I might put up more pictures later in the week. Some of the ones I got were so good, I need to take my time editing, cropping and fine-tuning them before I post them here.

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Kids, don't be really, really stupid with fireworks

Some teenagers up at Pittsburgh had what seemed to be a funny idea. But it's not funny to the people on the barge loaded with professional fireworks when you shoot a a consumer-grade aerial firework in their direction.

I have a word to describe such the people who engage in such youthful antics, but one of my kids reads this, so I won't use it. Actually, there are two words.