Wednesday, July 15, 2015

M/V Michael T. Somales christening, part 4

I've written before about the wedding that happened during the christening ceremony. Here are some more pictures during the ceremony and afterward.

I'll admit that during the ceremony, something about the rigging or whatever you call it caught my eye.

And here are a couple of images from the reception.

Mike Somales asked me something during the reception. I forget what the question was, but my answer was that a long time ago I told myself I would never take a picture at another wedding, but you never say never.

And that's about it from Elizabeth, Pa.

M/V Michael T. Somales christening, part 3

Rain or no rain, people gathered at a park along the Mon on June 20 to celebrate the christening of the M/V Michael T. Somales.\

Somales himself was there, of course, as the boat was not being renamed for him posthumously.

Somales personally greeted Robert E. Murray on his arrival. Murray owns Murray Energy, which owns the M/V Michael T. Somales.

Murray took a quick tour of the boat, including a stop in the pilothouse.

These girls were having too much fun.

And it wasn't until the other night, when I was reviewing photos to see which would be posted here, that I decided this one had to be here. Why? Because of the logo on the umbrella in the foreground.

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