Friday, July 23, 2010

Elvis is back in the building

Sorry to have been gone so long, but things kept happening ... and not happening. I had to prepare for an interview for a job that I'm not getting while looking forward to some minor dental surgery. On top of that, my daughter and her boyfriend are making final preparations -- including financial -- to start freshman year at Marshall University next month.

And when I got down to the river bank, there wasn't much to shoot except the humidity, and that's the normal background situation here around Mile 308 in summer.

But I did find this up on the river bank.

Twenty-five years ago, I watched the towboat Warren as it entered the Gallipolis Locks and Dam upbound on Independence Day. The boat was looking pretty ragged then, like it needed some paint and other stuff to keep it looking and running good.

Now the front of the boat sits at the Tri-State Fire Academy just outside Huntington, W.Va.