Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Uh oh

Someone sent a comment with the names of the six boats being pushed by the Evan Wharton. I thought I approved it, but I might have rejected it by mistake. That was half an hour ago, and I don't see it on any topics. Could whoever sent that comment please re-send the list?

Thank you.

Another day, another milestone

Adam should be pleased when he gets home from school (fourth grade) today. Usually, he walks through the front door at 3 p.m. A few minutes later, he's on the Internet checking vessel locations. He goes to the Corps of Engineers, Ingram and AEP sites that we have bookmarked so he can find what's in our area.

And he goes to Dick's Towboat Gallery. A few weeks ago, we sent some photos there. Today, I noticed that a photo credited to both of us has been added.

It's this one of the Paula Ruble, that we shot on an arctic Sunday in January.

Adam wanted partial credit for the photo because he was the one who had figured out that a new Crounse boat was in this area, and he wanted us to go find it, even if the wind chill was below zero. And we did.

He was wearing my gloves and my hat when this was taken, by the way. Lucky for me I carried a spare of each.

Adam figured that if he was the one who knew the boat was coming, he should get partial credit.

Adam was already the youngest published photojournalist in the family. In 2008, when I was the opinion page editor of the newspaper in Huntington WV, I needed a photo to go with an editorial about the first day of school. So, I used one Adam had taken of two rows of buses at the county bus garage.

More than likely, he will be more proud of being on Dick's Towboat Gallery than he was of being in the local paper.