Monday, October 26, 2009

Pomeroy-Mason Bridge remembered

While going through some old photos today, I noticed that it was one year ago this morning that I walked across the Pomeroy-Mason Bridge for the last time. Actually, I walked across it several times that day, getting plenty of photos of the old bridge and the almost finished new bridge next to it.

The sidewalk was several inches above the roadway, and it was made of boards. The morning was brisk and sunny. It was a wonderful day to document the last days of an 80-year-old bridge.

The new bridge was finished and opened a couple of months later. The old bridge was demolished earlier this year. It was one of the few remaining pre-1950 steel truss bridges in this part of the Ohio River. We still have the Ben Williamson Memorial Bridge at Ashland KY and the Ironton-Russell Bridge at Ironton OH. And that's about it, I think.