Thursday, December 17, 2020

Sternwheel at night et al (edited)


Last night I was in Gallipolis to watch the steamer Belle of Louisville be removed from its dock at Amherst Madison and taken to the M/V Buckeye State for its voyage home. It takes time to go through all those pictures I got last night and today as the boats passed through my area. Here are a few.

First, the sternwheel as seen lit up by the local boats.

Next, the boats passing Ashland, Ky.

Last, here the boats are passing the lower end of Ironton, Ohio.

As they passed, my thoughts were good-bye and I hope to see you next year. COVID-19 and general unrest in the Louisville area caused me to cancel plans for a quick trip down to Louisville. Maybe next year and if so, I have to find a way to see one of my newest (and oldest) favorite boats on the Ohio.

# # #

I almost forgot this wave from the captain or the pilot. Sorry about that.