Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Beckjord closing announced

For some reason, I had though the Walter C. Beckjord power plant at New Richmond, Ohio, had closed, but I was wrong. Instead, it is now scheduled to close in 2015, Duke Energy has announced.

Amber Brittany

Three photos from Point Pleasant Monday evening.

First, the Amber Brittany. I like the look of this boat -- the design and the color go so good together.

Here, a deckhand on the Amber Brittany removes a wing wire from the tow the boat had been pushing.

Meanwhile, the Lelia C. Shearer and the Joe T. meet two knee to tow knee for whatever reason.

Far from home

Yesterday was a long day at work. Left at 6 a.m., back at 10 p.m. But I had to go close enough to the Ohio River where I think I got some good pictures to post.

Plus a reader of this blog has sent some links that I need to post.

That can come tonight. Now, I have t concentrate on my day job. Later.