Sunday, July 26, 2015

45 minutes at the powerboat races

There have been power boat races at Huntington this weekend. I didn't spend any time down there, because I'm not a guy who gets excited watching people drive cars or boats in circles all day.

To anyone who may be a NASCAR fan, I have heard that part of the fun of being at the race in person is feeling the car go by. I guess it's like feeling the shock wave from explosives taking down a bridge or feeling the music when you play a violin. The experience is as much tactile as auditory or visual.

Anyway, I got up on the bridge and watched one race or one heat or whatever it was. In the process I got a few pictures.

The race or heat began with four boats. One of them had an engine failure or something and began drifting down the river while the other three continued the race.

A Huntington Police Department boat was downriver from the race site, so it was available to help the disabled powerboat if needed. No one else moved toward it until the race ended.

Another rescue boat joined the party and towed the disabled boat Number 47 back upstream.

Meanwhile, the Belle of Cincinnati is in town.

And farther up the river, the boat ramp at the Guyandotte River was a busy place with recreational boats and personal watercraft coming and going on a beautiful day with the river at or near summer pool.

I assume a good time was had by all. Except the guy in the black powerboat.

M/V Jincy

Seen as it passed Huntington northbound the other day.