Saturday, January 4, 2014

M/V Tennessee Hunter

Although the background this time of year is not the best, sometimes you get good light.

This was taken at old Lock and Dam 27 near Proctorville, Ohio.

I like the color scheme on this boat.


I assume the Ohio River will have some ice on the shore or in the channel next week as air temperatures drop to below zero for a couple of days, at least here in the Huntington WV area.

River-created ice sculptures can be pretty, but they mean the air temperatures are a bit cold for my liking. This from the guy who with his then-10-year-old son went up on a bridge and huddled against a concrete barrier for protection against a sub-zero wind chill just to get another photo of the Paula Ruble, which the two of them had chased down the Ohio River on Jan. 3, 2010, I think.

But someone has given me the flu, and I feel not so good, so I don't know if my lungs will be strong enough for that when the temperature drops next week.

So if any of you are down by the river early next week, look for some ice for me.