Sunday, October 12, 2014

M/V Amber Brittany

If the Amber Brittany isn't the prettiest towboat working the Ohio River today, it's one of the top ten. Adam and I got to see it today, meaning we got a few pictures, of course.

Cincinnati bridge deteriorates

This item from The Cincinnati Enquirer is comforting.

— Years of inspection reports show that the high-traffic Interstate 75 bridge over the Ohio River is showing its age after five decades. ... The bridge has been deemed safe, but its deteriorating condition concerns some experts.

I've traveled over bridges with a lot worse rating than the Brent Spence Bridge. Granted, the Ironton-Russell Bridge had a rating of 3 at one time, although it's better now, and they still close it for safety reasons in really cold weather. And the Ironton bridge doesn't have nearly the traffic volume that a bridge in Cincinnati does.

Bridges are getting more and more expensive, and tolls may be the only way to get some built. That was how bridges were built a hundred years ago when private enterprise, not the states, built and operated them. I remember paying a dime to cross the bridges here in Huntington back in the mid 1970s even.

Time is cyclical. What happened before will happen again.

More W.P. Snyder Jr. photos

As the J.S. Lewis and the W.P. Snyder near Louisville, here are a few more photos that I got Thursday after they left the Robert C. Byrd Locks and Dam.

If I had the money and the time, I would be in Louisville this week. But that's not how life goes. Let me know if anyone has fun down there.